Air New Zealand Industry Training

Aviation Institute

Designworks was asked to create a new brand identity for Aviation Institute, Air New Zealand’s industry training school. Spread across two main campuses in Auckland and Christchurch, the facility provides training for engineers, pilots, cabin staff and ground support crew. With Air New Zealand’s reputation for pushing the boundaries, in terms of service culture and in-flight innovations (as showcased in their innovations workshop, Hangar 9), the concept for the centre and the name needed to reflect not only the notion of striving for excellence but also the sorts of things that were going to be learnt in the school.
Drawing inspiration from world-class institutes such as MIT, the name Aviation Institute symbolizes a technical institute, appropriate for the types of people attending the facility, and also leverages off the industry credibility of the Air New Zealand brand. The key was to have a brand look and feel that would fit under the broader umbrella of Air New Zealand’s offering of being welcoming, inventive and effective and yet be compelling enough to stand out on its own. The concept for the institute brand was thus based on an idea of technical precision and creating a new edge in aviation thinking. The logo paired a hard-edge device with the Air New Zealand symbol, signifying not only their being part of Air New Zealand but also the notion of leading industry training from industry leading thinkers.
The way-finding and environmental graphics scheme drew on the engineering drawings and materials that abound in aviation – titanium, carbon fibre and brushed metal, to create an atmosphere that emphasized the quality of the training and students being constantly challenged on the edge. “The intention was to create an environment of learning,” explains designer, Anzac Tasker. “Making students feel as though they were stepping into an open book of learning, and be inspired by those who wrote the books.”

Photographs: Rebecca Swan
Interior: Stack Interiors
Environmental Graphics: Designworks