Bringing Auckland closer together

Localist shakes it up

New Zealand Post, spying an opportunity in the market, has created a new local information service designed to bring Auckland communities and business providers closer together.
Designworks were engaged to create the brand strategy and expression for the new venture – a directory service that owns the vacant ground between legacy providers like Yellow, and global online players such as Google.
Based upon the core idea of being 'Super Relevant' – Localist was born.
Former Kiwibank CEO Sam Knowles says Localist promises to take a fresh look at the way communities share information.
“Despite its size, Auckland City is comprised of unique suburbs with individual identities. Localist will empower localities so that people, organisations and communities can share knowledge and information using a range of online and offline media.
“It’s designed to take the best that traditional directories have to offer, along with the power of social media, and create something new,” he says.
Sam Knowles, Chairman of Localist, and who Designworks worked with to establish the Kiwibank brand, says Aucklanders have voiced a need for better information services at a local level. Small businesses find it hard to make sense of digital and social media, and pay too much for basic advertising services, he says.
“Localist will help businesses succeed by giving them a better way to advertise and find customers locally.
“It’s simply not true that current online search engines and directories have it all covered when it comes to finding truly local information. The content has to exist before it can be found,” he says.
Mr Knowles says he envisages that over time, Localist will be a first port of call for anyone wanting to find information on businesses, services and community events within their local area.
Localist will launch next year into Auckland but businesses can be part of Localist now by registering at or by calling 0800 030 030.
Mr Knowles says he’s confident people will see value in Localist and by involving themselves early, businesses can help New Zealand Post create a better community-level service.
“Localist, like New Zealand Post, is a truly Kiwi company. We successfully challenged the banking world with Kiwibank, now we’re ready to fill the need in the local information space.”