Designing a 3D compass

Ministry Of Justice

With the Ministry of Justice moving into four floors across three buildings in one location in Thorndon, Wellington, there was a strong possibility that both visitors and staff could get disorientated. Our task was to create an effective wayfinding system that united, yet differentiated the different buildings and functions within them.

The creative solution was driven by the idea of a sense of place - both in geographic and cultural terms. Each floor is colour coded. Signage (using New Zealand design type font Klim New Zald) locates you clearly in named buildings (such as the Kate Sheppard) and operational spaces (such as a kitchen or specific meeting room) and orientation diagrams on main walls depict external landmarks (such as the Beehive or Railway Station) in relation to the buildings, providing a reassuring ever-present physical compass.

Deliverables: Wayfinding strategy, design system components: primary wayfinding, secondary wayfinding, perimeter demarcation, faculty hotspots, destination detailing and directional tracking.