Framing art with diamonds

City Gallery

Building a platform brand for Wellington’s City Gallery to raise its profile as an art destination is the concept behind the latest campaign Designworks helped the gallery with.
With a constant rotation of artwork, the gallery is the frame for every exhibition while being a cornerstone local institution at the same time.
Twisting the frame concept into the familiar diamond shaped branding concept gives City Gallery endless scope to recreate and redefine how they are interpreted in the context of current exhibitions and events.
Bringing the similarities of the City Gallery diamond and the cube signature of the International Festival of the Arts 2010 to the fore created a link between the two creative institutions and a foundation for the Gallery’s Festival Season – which ran for three months, coinciding with the biannual art festival.
The campaign also came shortly after Designworks cemented its relationship with City Gallery as a foundation sponsor.
As demonstrated by the varied and vibrant content of the Festival Season, the ongoing spirit of changing shows and exhibitions is constant in the memorable visitor experience encapsulated within the City Gallery frame.