A fresh spirit

Tasman Tanning

Tasman Tanning, New Zealand's only remaining finished leather tannery needed to re-define the brand and differentiate their offer to global manufacturers in order to compete with imported Asian and high-end European leathers.
The story of the family owned company had become dated and fragmented over time. Two websites (tanning and finished leather) and the lack of a single compelling promise, caused confusion.
Remarkably consistent high quality hides (a side product of New Zealand's clean environment and superior cattle raising conditions) and a willingness to innovate and customise new leather ideas, led to the positioning 'Inspiring new New Zealand leathers.'
Imagery draws heavily from nature, leveraging our country's best recognised qualities freshness, a pioneering spirit and respect for the environment. Tasman's new website accordingly, feels clean, uncluttered and inspiring.
To find out more visit www.tasmanleathers.co.nz