Future growth


Projects often look simple on paper; grow the category, educate and motivate the next generation of gardeners.

Reality can often be more complex. The Yates portfolio is enormous and highly complex. Products are specialised, span a huge range of gardening activity and the next generation of gardeners have a lot of options vying for their interest.

The first step was to create clarity and simplicity across a complex portfolio of products and brands. Yates competes across a huge range of product categories, across a large range of distribution channels. So the portfolio needed to make sense and consumers needed to be confident that they where getting the right product, for the right job, from the right company.

Sound logic and clear packaging communication resulted in a brand transformation which created the best business turnaround in Orica, the parent company's, history.

The next task was to create an online garden club to engage kids, get them involved in gardening and learn the skills they need to green their little fingers. The result was the first interactive website for kids gardening and Yates partnering with Landcare Australia to promote gardening in schools across Australia.

We are never afraid of big tasks or indeed simple ones.