Have you seen this bird?

Zealandia lost birds

There wasn't a brief, but there was a need to re-engage locals with the great work being done at Zealandia: The Karori Sanctuary Experience. So, Designworkers Paul Johnson and Matt Grainger put together a lo-fi campaign that mimicked the time-honoured, home-made style of 'lost cat' posters and they posted them around the central city suburbs at places like fish and chip shops and community noticeboards.
The idea was to remind Wellingtonians about the eco-mission of the sanctuary and highlight the passion of the staff in a spirited and non-corporate way.
The posters help draw attention to the results the Sanctuary has been achieving for Wellington –with many previously endangered kaka parrots noisily roaming free around the city (the same cannot yet be said of the moa!).
Designworks developed the Zealandia brand, partnering with the Karori Sanctuary Trust on a sponsorship basis since 2008.