The heart of the outback


There are few brands in Australia that inspire the passion that R.M.Williams does. Lovers of the brand stick the famous longhorn logo to their cars and tattoo it on their skin.

But in the year 2000, when we first started working with the brand, R.M Williams had been making boots for 68 years and the brand was showing its age.

Various logos existed and the brand needed a resole and a repair.

We also needed to make the brand appealing to a broader range of consumers. Maintaining its cult like status in the bush but inspiring the country spirit in urban Australians, connecting with a new generation of consumers and creating relevance for the brand amongst overseas consumers.

We are thrilled to be part of the R.M. Williams story, we have worked extensively across the product portfolio, distilling the story of the man and the brand and creating a brand management structure that has taken a brand that sits at the heart of the Australian bush to a global audience.