Krush Bar


We started the project with a blank sheet of paper.
We had a range of brand new, great tasting liquid snacks, a mission to connect with Gen.Y and an objective to open up KFC to new usage occasions at new times of the day.
To protect the main KFC brand whilst trialling a new concept as the worldwide test market, we created a new name and new sub brand, Krush Bar.
The sub brand strategy was to stretch the KFC brand and create a new place, where younger consumers could interact and enjoy time together in a safe, friendly environment.The brand needed to talk the language of these younger consumers whilst not alienating KFC lovers.
The launch was a huge success and the concept has now been rolled out across multiple countries.
The Krush Bar concept has created a network of pit-stops for younger consumers to meet and catch up, extending the usage of KFC and creating a fresh engagement with tomorrow's consumers.