The New Face of Ancient New Zealand


Zealandia is a name reflecting 80 million years of natural history, eons before humans stepped on New Zealand and even further from the modern tourist world of “clean green” natural landscapes and prolific cultural and adventure tourism.

Putting a Wellington valley on the prehistoric map, Zealandia refers to the landmass that broke off the ancient continent of Gondwanaland and eventually became New Zealand. By reaching that far back in time, the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary experience pitches itself as an opportunity to see a land that came long before everything we now know.

To represent that, Designworks decided on using the bold imagery of prehistoric-styled and striking native fauna such as the heavily-armoured weta, the native kaka parrot, the dinosaur lizard tuatara and the recognisable shape of the kiwi.

Using a bright orange background with black silhouettes of the iconic natives and other true New Zealand natural features, the design concept takes the eco-sanctuary far from the ubiquitous earthy tones of traditional eco-tourism businesses.

The addition of Zealandia’s interactive visitor centre to the vast acres of regenerating bush the sanctuary protects from predators expands the experience into a true interactive prehistoric journey.

The brand presence Designworks has created for Zealandia delivers the promise of something vibrant and different, setting it apart as an innovative venture creating a fresh experience of something very, very old.