A passion for paper


This was always going to be a project close to our hearts.
Spicers is part of Paperlinx, one of the world’s biggest paper distributors. When Spicers wanted a new swatch kit for the design industry, it came to Designworks to help redesign its swatch kit to reinforce its position as a supplier of high-end papers.
Designers love paper. It’s not only the plate upon which their creativity is served, it also inspires the creative process and helps generate ideas.
In its research phase Designworks uncovered that designers and printers really needed two swatch kit formats: one large, comprehensive kit that could be kept in the studio (limited availability), and a smaller kit able to be taken to meetings (available to all).
Designworks designed the quirky kits with a strong creative bent appealing to the audience, and worked with product designers, Buzz, to physically create the kits in their two functional formats.