The Power of Firsts

First Foundation

Designworks sponsored a new brand identity for First Foundation, a unique educational trust existing to give talented, young New Zealanders the 'hand up' they need to succeed in tertiary education. Driven by the key insight that they are first and foremost an organisation about people and the relationships, the approach was driven by idea of 'vital involvement'.
Reinterpreting the name First Foundation to give it more meaning also gave rise to the idea of heroing the 'firsts' facilitated by this scholarship. The mark was created to hold messaging, such as 'First Open Door I’m Running Through' and 'First Time I Realized I Could Reach My Goals'. These life defining firsts, experienced by students, mentors and corporate partners, illustrate the enriching three-way experience of this scholarship program and how it operates as a 'hand-up not a hand-out'.
Four books introduce the brand; 'First and Foremost' – the brand story, 'First Impressions' – the brand guidelines, 'First Involvement' – about becoming a mentor , and 'First Connections' – about becoming a sponsor. The overall result is a brand that is bold, vibrant and expressive, while remaining irresistibly human through the use of candid, super close portrait photography. Three tiers of imagery help create an involving brand and showcase the journey that the students and mentors experience. A bold and vibrant colour palette reflects the energy of the foundation and the typographic style is elegant but contemporary.