Reinventing the Experience

Store of the Future

New Zealand Post came to us to help them create the 'Store of the Future' - a joint venture with Kiwibank. The idea was to create a space that would give each visitor a sense of refreshing ease - whether dashing in for stamps and bill payments or a high value consultation around Kiwibank services. The concept was focussed around the plan that this would be where 'things to do get done.'

designworks launched an intensive period of retail strategy and design prototyping. The resulting 'Store of the Future' experience combines the strengths of the two brands (New Zealand Post and Kiwibank) into a united offering, allowing customers to do more in one place then they'd previously imagined.

The concept drew on inspiration from New Zealand. The red of our native Pohutukawa flower tree was used in the design, along with earth-toned greens, to represent the pure New Zealand landscape. Materials were locally manufactured in New Zealand where feasible.

The nationwide rollout of the new Store of the Future vision is seeing everything from new floor plans, fit outs, fixtures, materials, merchandising and signage systems implemented

Deliverables: brand strategy, concept and design development