Taking New Zealand to the world

The idea was to create a compelling and authentic story that would help broaden the perception of New Zealand internationally. The challenge was to use moving image and photography to create a valuable toolkit for all New Zealand exporters.

The insight which underpinned our story was driven by three key values identified as being unique to New Zealand and its people: Resourcefulness, Kaitiaki (care of people and place) and Integrity. The driving idea was positioning New Zealand as a place and people ‘open to the new’. A story told across three chapters: Our open spaces, open hearts and open minds.

We developed a framework to hero the imagery that is central to the brand and in telling our story. Using juxtaposition to show different parts of the story, combining different emotions to deliver a powerful visual narrative. A simple and uncomplicated typography style adds structure to the narrative, and a clear and confident tone of voice ensures our story feels genuine – from the heart and from New Zealand. 

The overall solution was packaged into an intuitive and engaging digital format, with the flagship film and supporting imagery – all available for use by New Zealand exporters. The design solution serves to, beyond the scenic beauty of the country, hero key attributes like our innovation and resourcefulness, our integrity and our welcoming, friendly approach. 

The brand fits under the wider ‘Brand New Zealand’ umbrella, complimenting Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure campaign and the already established institutions of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and Education New Zealand. 

The project was completed and delivered in collaboration with The Assignment Group. “We entered the project as a true partnership,” says Martin Yeoman, Assignment Group’s Executive Director. “Together we developed the strategy and from there we each took the lead on different aspects of the project according to our respective skill sets.”

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