Hansa, the leading tapware manufacturer in Germany, was struggling to gain traction in the Australian market.

Designworks was engaged to re-position Hansa; to develop a brand strategy that leveraged its ‘European’ advantage whilst distinguishing it from other tapware brands within the GWA portfolio.

Acknowledging Hansa’s solid history of precision engineering and design excellence, we developed a strategy that positioned Hansa as the liquid scientists of the tapware category - everything Hansa had done for the past 100 years, its knowledge and expertise, flows through to manufacturing the very best tapware.

Guided by the core idea of ‘Fluid Technology’, the visual identity came to life by projecting typographic characters onto Hansa products to highlight their contours and form. As the projections were unique to each tap, we were able to create a distinct visual language for Hansa to support its positioning.

Brand Positioning