Performance Crafted

Expressing an offer beyond luxury – a story of craftmanship that connects with the highly individualistic purchasers of multi-million dollar super yachts.

For 30 years Alloy Yachts has been a leading light in New Zealand’s super yacht industry, renowned for the passion and exacting standards it brings to its craft. But a global financial crisis and a rising exchange rate required a new clarity in how it took it story to the world’s next generation of high net worth individuals.

While glitz and glamour were the calling cards of many of its competitors, Alloy’s unique advantage lay in a deeper value, a super yacht whose beauty and performance was far from superficial.

‘Made of integrity’ became the powerful central theme in all our Alloy storytelling from a short film to a beautifully bound buyers book. An appropriately individual story-telling approach that resonated with buyers looking for a yacht as the ultimate expression of their own personal character and achievements.

Alloy Yachts
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