Perfect harmony

A series of hero imagery for the premium breed of New Zealand King Salmon, Ora King, that would reflect its superior quality and purity as the finest for culinary excellence.

Bred in the deep, cool and pure waters of the Marlborough sounds, our challenge was to capture the salmon in their natural surroundings – nurtured by nature. The driving idea was ‘perfecting harmony’, telling a story of the cycle of man, nature and the elements. Two distinct visual tiers were created: the brand photography and salmon photography. All photography followed a philosophy of ‘reduction’- removal of unnecessary elements so that the subject may flourish. 

We collaborated with a renowned New Zealand photographer known for his expansive and ethereal landscapes as much as for his sensuous ultra-detail photography. The photoshoot was spread out over five days, allowing for the complexity and technicality of the job. There could be no artificial lighting and the recce in which the salmon were held deemed it unpractical to be shooting in the water itself. An unobtrusive, adjustable underwater pole camera system was fashioned in order to get intimate detail shots of the salmon. The result was a series of salmon imagery that were a true reflection of the name ‘Ora’ which means ‘alive and fresh’ in Maori. 

The landscape imagery has a strong horizon line evoking the sense of balance and harmony.

New Zealand King Salmon
Ora King Photography