Hey Presto

Research told us that people weren’t aware of the parking options available to them. As a result, people were parking in places that didn’t fit their needs, or simply parking in the same place out of habit.

People visit the airport for a range of reasons. We needed to create a name and identity for each of the parking options and communicate these choices to the public.

We began by delving into the needs of the different parking ‘personas’, gaining understanding into their current behaviours and the changes we needed to effect. 

The solution was all about communicating Choice. We created an identity system that used colour to clearly distinguish the different parking options available. We then combined this system with a messaging hierarchy that turned each parking offer into a benefit for a particular persona.

The campaign was executed across a wide range of on-campus material including posters, billboards, uniforms, leaflets – as well as paid media.

Christchurch International Airport
Advertising and Communication