A Larger than life local

A compelling brand identity inspired by a local legend, which would convey the sense of a “sophisticated local pub” among the main hospitality precinct of Auckland’s North Shore region.

We drew on a local legend to create a rich visual identity and story. As part of the New Zealand Pub Co. network the brand melds the traditional vernacular of a pub with a modern, irreverent approach to hospitality. The identity blends an outgoing Kiwi attitude with some larger than life ideas and detailing. From the name the brand identity grew to emphasize the charisma and showmanship of the wrestling champ paired with cheeky references to the old drinking adage of “seeing pink elephants”. The Elephant Wrestler possesses a warm and bright interior fit-out complete with this local character’s story, a series of wrestling trunks on display and touches of hot pink in the icons, imagery and uniforms.

Little nods to this strongman’s prowess in the logo and elephant imagery on walls, combine to communicate the idea of the bar as “Your Larger Than Life Local”.

DB Breweries
The Elephant Wrestler