Reinventing a kiwi bank

A three-year transformation programme that put user centred design at the heart of an iterative strategic and creative process to reinvent what a ‘kiwibank’ could be.

We wanted to address the challenges faced by the business head on. We looked at every facet of the customer experience to create a clearer, more engaging experience. The new space needed to make customers feel both welcomed and valued, and reflect the idea of ‘comfortable conversations’. The result was a redesign – from chaos to simplicity – and getting Kiwibank customers back to loving banking. Off the back of extensive prototyping and user-testing, the stores have uniquely designed spaces that cater to specific conversations; High top work surfaces enable quick independent browsing and casual conversations. Booths with partial screening create discreet spaces for informal meetings.

For more serious business matters there are private meeting spaces. Also integral to the success of the store is the creation of two distinct offerings to clarify the previously chaotic and fragmented mixture of banking and NZ Post services. We also took a more streamlined approach to NZ Post, cutting back all the clutter to focus on the core business of sending. The new retail stores enable a shift in power from bank to customer, delivering experiences that allow for independent decision making and are truly useful and joyful experiences.

Retail Transformation