Research told us that people weren’t aware of all the parking options available to them at the airport. As a result, they were parking purely out of habit – often in places that didn’t fit their needs.

Existing wayfinding wasn’t helping. Thorough on-site analysis revealed that the different car parks weren’t clearly distinguished, navigation to and around the car parks was confusing and the overall experience was stressful and unpleasant.

Our solution was designed to:

  1. Simplify and de-clutter the signage system to create a more intuitive experience
  2. Fill in the gaps in the user journey with new and useful information
  3. Create a positive and unique user experience by activating spaces

To improve the functionality of the wayfinding system, we set out to create an ultra user-friendly experience.

Our design approach was to make the functional ‘graphic’, so whether it was a directional arrow, an elevator sign or a pay-point, we super-sized everything to create a really graphic but functional experience.

In addition, we used colour and ambient graphics inspired by different aspects of the South Island landscape to give each car park a distinctive identity.

Christchurch International Airport