Keeping Australia moving

Creating a subtle and honest brand system for an Australian logistics powerhouse.

The Australian Rail Track Corporation owns and manages 8,500km of rail track across Australia. They don’t own or operate any trains per se, but rather manage the infrastructure that gets freight from A to B. To put it simply: they’re the people responsible for moving coal from the mine to the port or milk from the farmer’s bucket to your morning latte.  

To kick off the project, we spent time in workshops and conducting stakeholder interviews to get a better understanding of the core values of the business. We discovered that ARTC play a critical role not only in the transport supply chain, but also the economic development of Australia. From here, we developed a brand blue print organized under the simple idea that ARTC keeps Australia moving. 

We chose a vibrant colour palette and an aerial photographic style that showcases the breadth of ARTC’s influence. The brand mark is supported by a simple graphic motif that signals both train tracks and freight boxes. Overall, the new brand system is restrained and subtle, with a level of sophistication and honesty that helps to position ARTC as the enduring, hard-working and innovative organization they are.

Keeping Australia moving