Straight from the orchard

The success of DB’s Crushed Apple Cider soon led to a Pear variant, and the need for a new 12-pack range. Designworks was tasked with creating packaging that would vocalize the product’s unique selling point.

The simple idea that drove the design was directly linked to the product truth- “straight from the orchard. A highly visual approach is used to tell the story of the cider’s origins. Drawing consistent elements from the master-brand, the Crushed Apple and Pear Ciders fit into the wider Monteith’s design system but are unique enough to stand apart, with each making its own mark on the shelf. To create evocative imagery, the imagery on the packs references the freshness of the ingredients and the artisan approach to the product. Taking inspiration from roadside fruit stalls, the typography has a hand-painted and textured look and feel, giving the design an authentic flavour and sense of character. Luscious sun-ripened fruit, and a vibrant colour palette indicate the freshness and vitality of summer, reflecting a category-leading product that’s made from the wholesome goodness of real New Zealand fruit.

DB Breweries
Monteith’s Crushed Apple+Pear Cider