A Christchurch Story

Research showed strongly that the people of Christchurch had disengaged with the CBD and were very sceptical about the progress that had been made to rebuild the City.

Because of this, they were not receptive to stories about “The Future”.

 An opportunity was seen to change this during Christchurch’s hosting of the Cricket World Cup (as visitors numbers would be high and locals would be drawn into the city) by developing an interactive experience that would allow an opportunity to discover, explore and engage with the city's rebuild stories.

Designworks developed the ChCh story app to allow the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) to deliver media rich story content about Christchurch City through a cost-effective, self-managed and secure app.

The Christchurch Story app takes people through the transformation as the city rebuilds and allows them to share their favorite stores with their friends through a Facebook link within the app.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority
A Christchurch Story