Gallipoli: the Scale of our War

Te Papa is under-going a transformation by re-defining its visitor experience, spanning physical to digital and Gallipoli: The scale of our war 
a showcase for an experiential website that enhanced the exhibition.

Designworks was tasked with achieving three key objectives for the site; to promote the exhibition, extend the reach of the exhibition while show-casing the shift the organisation is undertaking as it moves toward its new position as a Museum of the future.

Our ambition was to design an immersive user-experience that eschewed any pre-conceived notion of a traditional digital platform and give a strong sense of involvement in the campaign content that both acted as a highly accessible, virtual exhibition tour, while titillating the user to visit Te Papa and experience the exhibition proper.

Our approach was to co-create and collaborate strongly with museum curators, content creators and Weta, who were responsible for physical exhibits. We have developed an IA, design treatment and navigation that enabled joyful cross platform usage, targeting 8-18 year olds and meet a thirst for information and clarity, while leaving users in no doubt about the scale and significance of a key moment in New Zealand’s upbringing as a nation.

The project has broken new ground in both content, design and solutioning that pushed the technology capability and demonstrated the radical re-orientation of Te Papa in a powerful platform that will capture the imaginations of New Zealanders, for whom WW1 100 has only been to date, a series of commemorative events made experiential, through this digitally advanced museum solution.

Te Papa Tongarewa
Best Awards / Gold / Large Scale Websites