Telling our story

Kiwibank was in the middle of a major strategic transformation. However the change noise was causing confusion, and putting employee engagement at risk.

We needed to help their people make sense of all the change, understand the strategy and reconnect with Kiwibanks purpose.

The initial brief was to create a strategy on a page that brought together the various change and strategy elements. However as we explored the new strategy, in particular the desire to reimagine Kiwibank in a digital world, it was clear that a poster could never bring it to life in an authentic way.

We needed to create a way to connect with Kiwibankers that was consistent with the way people connect on a daily basis. It needed to support rich storytelling to help them make sense of all the change. We wanted to put the experience in the pocket of every Kiwibanker, rather than forcing them to come to the Kiwibank intranet or read another email from the CEO.

Designworks developed an internal engagement campaign launched by the Kiwibank CEO and delivered to every Kiwibanker through an app. Kiwibank Story was built on the STQRY platform, and allowed us to easily distribute rich content such as video and imagery, and engage Kiwibankers in a two way conversation about the changes underway, the strategy, and the Kiwibank Vision.

Kiwibank Stqry App