Three Kings

Fletcher Living is creating a new residential community at Three Kings. We were briefed to design and build a website that would evolve with the development over time.

Fletcher Living’s Three Kings site  is currently in the planning stage and will take 8-12 years in total to complete.

The first phase of the website needed to convey the ‘vision’ i.e. what it will feel like to live there.  This would primarily be a story about place, community, people and their experiences.

Three Kings will be an integrated commercial, recreational and residential area. The ‘public realm’ i.e. opening up space for shared use, is a key component of its design and will facilitate opportunities for connection and interaction, both active and passive, for the people who live there. A Community Connected became the design idea for the website.

The website uses a storytelling navigation, based on 4 key themes (Place, Space, People and Community) which, together with relevant and engaging local photography, brings to life the experience of living at the site.

Fletcher Living
Website Design & Build