Theatre of the Mind

NZSO’s annual subscriptions campaign once again required us to create engagement and awareness for more New Zealanders new to the orchestra experience. Our approach was to put content at the heart of the concept.

The campaign covered a subscription brochure plus 15 individual retail campaigns. The core of our creative idea was the “theatre of the mind” where we would pair the music with emotive imagery. We distilled the individual concerts to reveal their core themes then explored video and photographic based scenarios that encapsulated yet abstracted these concepts. The resulting ideas evolved into an eclectic, artful and captivating mixture of bespoke props, models, children and even a hairless sphinx cat.

With the creative assets completed we progressed to developing the individual campaign components. We started with a simple but elegant printed subscription brochure. We simultaneously developed an immersive digital publishing brochure for tablets, allowing us to integrate the extensive video and audio into the experience. Additionally, digital publishing allows readers to directly purchase tickets, download calendars, visit websites and even subscribe to concert reminders and mailing lists.

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Season 2014 campaign