Bonded by Rivalry

A theme and event brand to mark the occasion of over 200 games of 1st XV rugby played between Auckland Grammar School and King’s College.

The idea that drove the design was a celebration of rivalry. Auckland Grammar and King’s College are “bonded” by rivalry and we created an event brand that highlights the history, competition and shared passion of these two schools.

A combination of powerful imagery and passionate language is linked by a 200 game “badge of honour”. We created a special commemorative book – published as a limited edition print – that presented a historical overview of the rivalry and the modern game. Compelling photography captured the energy and passion of both past and present players. Also featured were quotes and comments from rugby greats of both schools such as Grant Fox and Hamish McDonald.

We also created a showcase video to capture the pride, effort and moments that mattered most to the players. Played at the fundraiser gala, on the eve of the actual rugby game, the video set the scene for the celebration that was to follow. 

Auckland Grammar, Kings College
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