Building A Creative Community

We designed the offices and hospitality space for The Brand Agency and IKON, two STW sister agencies that share Level 2 of the Gallery X building two STW sister agencies that share Level 2 of the Gallery X building (formerly the Auckland Art Gallery).

Integral to the design is a Shared Space area, which serves multiple functions, including welcome and connection. Other areas such as meeting rooms and the kitchen and dining areas are designed to offer staff and clients a variety of choice and settings – and feature informal seating and leaners. Workspaces for each office were designed to reflect each company’s design requirements. We wanted to respect and in some cases amplify the heritage of the building, so used a considered design approach. The floor is polished concrete, walls are painted white and all design elements are carefully chosen to reflect the industrial and bold nature of the space. The space has beautiful steel trusses as part of the ceiling, which we painted black. The effect of this is to frame the space, highlighting the architecture. Paired with the black steel windows (which were originally white as well) – this creates a bold visual impact and a cohesive visual language throughout the space.

Both Level 1 and Level 2 are treated with the same design approach but given the nature of the space, Level 2 has a more industrial and raw aesthetic overall.

Building A Creative Community