Co-operative Edge

Creating co-operative strength through scale and expertise to help farmers achieve new levels of performance and farm prosperity.

The launch of Farm Source signalled Fonterra’s commitment to give the best, most advanced and trusted offering to the co-operatives’ farmers. Farm Source has been developed to share the world-leading experience and networks of the global dairy giant to provide New Zealand farmers with a real co-operative advantage.

As a new business model, it’s been built to be the source of all things farming for the dairy farming community, designed to provide a totally integrated set of farming services, from farming support, business management through to everyday supplies. In a physical sense, the new offering landed first in Methven, as a connected ‘world’ – with a brand new store alongside an on-line support network. As a farming relationship brand, Farm Source has been systematically rolled out throughout New Zealand since 2015 with future plans in the works to broaden its scope through presence in international markets. In the spirit of the co-operative – Farm Source is a totally collaborative project between Fonterra and the Designworks team.


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Co-operative Edge