A Welcoming Heart

We are currently working with the Holiday Inn, Auckland to redevelop and design their existing public facilities which include; reception, lobby, restaurant, bar, pool area, porte cochere and guest corridors.

Our brief is to create an experience for guests and visitors building on the heritage, community and cultural significance of the site and alignment to the Holiday Inn positioning. The idea is ‘A Welcoming Heart’. The open space on the site is like the open space on a marae - welcoming to everyone and used by the whole community. We have broken the idea into three key sections. 

1. Welcome to all; travelers, families, diners, diplomats, politicians and business people.

2. A Connection at the heart of our community; open for dining, weddings, ceremonies and family events

3. A Network that is representative of our city; a hub for corporate conferences, seminars and events

Presently we are focusing on the redesign of the restaurant area. Keeping true to the pacific heart and holiday feel concept we have created a space that is; vibrant, relaxed, inviting, informal and unique. We have used a bright, fresh and natural palette of materials and finishes that are local, authentic and fresh. Injections of color and pattern bring the pacific holiday concept to life. The combination of hanging plants, cane light shades, range of fabrics, feature wall and timber floor create a rich and colorful experience. The plan is an unusual shape, therefore we have worked hard to create a layout that allows all diners to feel part of the experience. The overall approach to the dining experience is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The large scale illustration which wraps around the restaurant is to celebrate New Zealand art, flora & fauna, birds, wildlife and natives. It changes material as it wraps around eg. tiles along buffet and can change in scale, tone, colour and intensity throughout the piece. The benefits are that is can be viewed and enjoyed from any angle throughout the restaurant, for example it can be seen from reception. The result is a burst of color,life, energy and a piece that engages the whole restaurant! 

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A Welcoming Heart