Understanding the new world

Top 200 Awards

The Deloitte / Management magazine Top 200 Awards were established in 1990 and are run annually to recognise and applaud outstanding individual and management team performances among New Zealand’s largest companies and trading organisations.
This year's campaign was designed to provoke thought around potential future scenarios in a changing operating climate – suggesting the possibility of embracing change with bold ideas and step change thinking.
Under the overarching theme of 'Understanding the new world', this year's campaign poses a series of potential scenarios for topics such as Banking, Leadership, Brand and even the Top 200 awards themselves- challenging the traditional notion to explore a new space. The campaign is centred around these thought starters and delivered through an expressive living graphic that mirrors the boldness of the thinking.
"We wanted to introduce the notion of dramatic re-invention at a time of massive change. Thinking about almost everything that surrounds us in a business world in an unexpected way. Different scenarios about about leadership, about brand, about a new New Zealand idea of ourselves... but not be pie in the sky – backing it up with real examples of this kind of thinking in action, with stories from those people who are already pioneering it." say Designworks' Michael Crampin.
As a result, each of the themes has become the lead topic for each edition of Management magazine, with a lead story further mining the themes and the thinking from a range of contributors, with the themes being built on and explored in the run up to the awards this December.