Wholehearted protection

State Trustees

State Trustees has been a bedrock of institutional financial and legal assistance in Victoria for over 70 years. Respected and trusted, over time the organisation had become rather product focused and wanted to refocus on the people it was there to help.


Designworks shifted State Trustees from an internally-focused organisation, to a more inclusive positioning that reinforced its purpose to provide Victorians with services that enabled them to protect the important things in their lives.


To do this Designworks worked with State Trustees on a new, clear vision to be relevant, accessible and valued in the hearts and minds of Victorians.


From this, an internal idea of ‘wholehearted protection’ was brought to life in a new mark and a more open, friendly and inclusive look to all internal and external communications. The new mark was crafted to convey a sense of security, protection and reassurance.

A key part of the process was to ensure staff at State Trustees were involved and engaged in the new positioning and embraced and lived the values and beliefs. Designworks helped create a comprehensive staff engagement program that saw staff help shape the strategy and gave them the tools to bring it all to life